The standard RETRO system is built using the Nga VM[1] and a copy of the image exported as a C source file[2]. I sometimes prefer to have these as a single file for easier sharing. This is a quick little tool to combine them.

Output will be written to stdout.


[1] vm/nga-c/retro.c [2] vm/nga-c/image.c


Include compilation instructions and enable i/o devices.

~~~'/*_Build_with_`cc_-lm_-O2_retro-unix.c_-o_retro`_*/ s:put nl nl   '#define_BIT64 s:put nl   { 'CLOCK   'FILES   'FLOATS   'MALLOC   'MULTICORE   'RNG   'SCRIPTING   'SIGNALS   'UNIX   'UNSIGNED } [ '#define_ENABLE\_%s s:format s:put nl ] a:for-each nl ~~~

Then extract and generate the single file source.

~~~{{   :include-file     #10 + s:chop 'vm/nga-c/ s:prepend here swap file:slurp here s:put ;       :source:line     dup '#include_" s:begins-with?     [ include-file ] [ s:put nl ] choose ;   ---reveal---     :amalgamate     'vm/nga-c/retro.c [ source:line ] file:for-each-line ; }}   amalgamate ~~~