~~~'/Users/yoneda/retro/package/File.retro d:create data ~~~

file:load includes a file and registers the file name into the dictionary. With it, the words in the file become viewable.

Put file name into dictionary.

~~~{{   :load:try (s-) dup file:exists?     [ include ] [ 'file__ s:prepend '__not_found s:append s:abort ] choose ; ---reveal---   :file:load (s-) dup d:lookup n:-zero?     [ 'file:load_:__ s:prepend '__already_loaded s:append s:abort ]     [ dup d:create data load:try ] choose ;   :file:load.retro (s-) '.retro s:append file:load ; }} ~~~

Given a word, find the file in which the word was defined. Works imperfectly, but useful.

~~~  RETRO (defined_in_Init.retro) 'source/retro.forth s:append   'SOURCE/RETRO s:const {{   'FileName var  'FileID var  'Size var  'Word var  'Line var   :word          (s-)  #0 !Word dup d:lookup dup n:zero?     [ drop 'word_%s_not_found s:format s:abort ] [ !Word drop ] choose ;   :word-name     (-a)  @Word d:name ;   :retro?        (a-f) d:name '.retro s:ends-with? ;   :search        (a-a)_a='.retro'_found__or__0=not     [ fetch dup retro? not over #0 -eq? and ] while ;   :file          (-)_assumes_@Word_is_not_zero     @Word d:link search dup n:zero?     [ drop SOURCE/RETRO ] [ d:name ] choose !FileName ;   :count-lines   (-)   #1 !Line       (open @FileName file:open-for-reading !FileID !Size )     [ @FileID file:read-line word-name s:contains/string?         dup [ &Line v:inc ] -if not (-eof? @FileID file:tell @Size lt? ) and ]       while (close @FileID file:close ) ;   :pre           (a-f) word file ; ---reveal---   :d:file (s-) pre @FileName s:put nl ;     :d:view (s-) pre count-lines @FileName @Line         'ne_--read-only_+%n_%s s:format unix:system ;     :d:edit (s-) pre count-lines @FileName @Line       'ne_+%n_%s s:format unix:system ; }} ~~~


The search fails when a word has been defined in a file that was not file:loaded but included , or when the word has been typed in from the console. In particular, words in files included before Load.retro will not be found correctly..

Also, words defined in Rx such as push, pop, drop, swap, and dup are not found.