It's often useful to be able to hide a word from the global dictionary. This can be done with the lexical scope words, but here I present a different approach.

To hide a word, it is sufficient to change its name to something that will never be matched. Since strings are null terminated, just replacing the first character with a null suffices.

So all that needs to be done is to create an array of headers we want to hide, then iterate over that to smudge out the names.


~~~'To-Hide d:create #65 allot   :private @Dictionary @To-Hide &To-Hide + n:inc store &To-Hide v:inc ;   :hide-private   &To-Hide [ d:name v:off ] a:for-each &To-Hide v:off ; ~~~


```:a ; :b ; private :f ; private :c ; :d ; private :e ;   hide-private ```