This is a little set of words to create an array with all of the currently defined namespaces in a RETRO image.

Three words will be exposed.

Namespace              Array, holds the namespace strings namespaces:identify    Rebuild the array namespaces:put         Display the namespaces

~~~'Namespaces d:create #513 allot   {{   :has-namespace? dup $: s:contains/char? ;   :get-namespace  $: s:split nip ;   :known?  dup &Namespaces a:contains/string? ;   :add     s:keep buffer:add &Namespaces v:inc ;   :process get-namespace known? &drop &add choose ; ---reveal---   :namespaces:identify     [ &Namespaces buffer:set #0 buffer:add       [ d:name has-namespace? &process &drop choose ] d:for-each     ] buffer:preserve ;   :namespaces:put &Namespaces [ s:put sp ] a:for-each ; }} ~~~

A quick test:

```namespaces:identify namespaces:put nl ```