#!/usr/bin/env retro

This is a small tool I wrote to let me quickly share code on IRC or via other channels.

First, get the MD5 of the source. Start by construting a pipe:

~~~#0 script:get-argument 'md5_%s s:format file:R unix:popen 'FID const ~~~

Then read in until past the prolog (MD5 filename = ...):

~~~[ FID file:read $= eq? ] until FID file:read drop ~~~

And then read in the sum and close the pipe. The sum in kept in a string constant MD5.

~~~#1000 [ FID file:read , ] here &times dip s:chop 'MD5 s:const FID unix:pclose ~~~

Next, I construct string constants for the destination file and URL's for Gopher and HTTPS.

~~~MD5 '/home/crc/public/share/%s        s:format 'DEST s:const MD5 'http://forth.works/share/%s      s:format 'HTTP s:const MD5 'gopher://forth.works/0/share/%s  s:format 'GOPH s:const ~~~

Then copy the source file to the destination directory.

~~~here #0 script:get-argument file:slurp here DEST file:spew ~~~

And finally display the URL's.

~~~HTTP s:put nl GOPH s:put nl ~~~