This uses the new socket: words to download a file via Gopher.

Open a file to store the data and a socket.

~~~'Output.txt file:open-for-writing 'File var-n socket:create dup n:put nl 'Sock var-n ~~~

Connect to the server.

~~~' '70 socket:configure @Sock socket:connect drop ~~~

Next, send the request.

~~~'/\n\n s:format @Sock socket:send drop-pair ~~~

After this, I can just read in the data, writing it to the file.

~~~[ here #1024 @Sock socket:recv  (discard_errno: drop   here [ @File file:write ] s:for-each   dup '%n_bytes_received\n s:format s:put   (check_for_disconnect: n:zero? ] until ~~~

And finally, clean up by closing the socket and file.

~~~@Sock socket:close @File file:close ~~~